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The Wee Redhead

Also known as Mrs Kromadas

Redheaded One
24 November
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Ladies, did it ever occur to you that fairy tales are hard on the feet? Travels With the Snow Queen by Kelly Link

Erlidh: why be ashamed? Don't hide. You've fought damn fucking hard to be who you are.

I have been known to answer to Buttercup or Wee Redhead but you have to earn the right to call me such names. Be warned that I have a low tolerance for bullshit and a fondness for clarity. Life's too short to deal with the terminally clueless.

I can be both strong and weak in the blink of an eye. From serious to snorting in an instant. I also can be a sentimental fool who cries over movies or swoons when told the right thing. Mercurial? Capricious? Perhaps. That's me. Either you can deal with it or not.

I am married to kromadas, who has deemed me 'fuckingawesome' as well as his favorite redhead. For once, I am truly content with the choices that I've made and happier than I ever thought that I could be. He's an amazing person and together, we can face anything. Plus [shallow mode] he's fucking gorgeous and makes my thighs sweat just watching him sleep. Srsly. [/shallow mode]. He gets my wacky ass, in more ways than one. We share a home in Portland OR with two Pomeranians (Pancho and Saffy). It's like having two furry kids - one with ADD and the other with Princess Syndrome.

As for the rumors that I call my pets respectively Panchopants and Saffywaffylaffytaffy, I plead the motherfucking Fifth. Kurtis answers to Kurtis.

I would like a spare monkey, if you have one.

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